Meet Arunan Arulampalam

Arunan Arulampalam is an attorney at Updike, Kelly and Spellacy, where he advises banks and financial institutions on debt and equity financing.  A lifelong Democrat, he is the proud son of refugees who fled ethnic conflict and came to the United States. Through their sacrifice and hard work, he had the opportunity to receive a quality education at Emory University and Quinnipiac School of Law and build a successful career here in Connecticut.

Arunan was deeply influenced by the financial collapse and its effects on so many ordinary Americans. He chose to pursue a career in financial law, believing that if more people with shared values joined the financial sector, we could build a stronger economy that works for everyone.

In addition to his work in the legal and financial sectors, Arunan cares deeply about investing in his community.  Arunan and his wife Liza live in the south end of Hartford, where they are raising four young children. Arunan currently serves on the Hartford Public Library Board, the Community Advisory Committee for the Connecticut Health Foundation, the Hartford Democratic Town Committee and the Hartford Redevelopment Agency.

Vision for the Office of State Treasurer

The State Treasurer’s primary responsibility is to oversee the investment of $34 billion in taxpayers and workers hard-earned dollars and to protect and grow the pensions of 212,000 hard-working men and women who have served our state. Arunan is first and foremost committed to strengthening our pension funds and to managing the state’s dollars effectively.

In addition to rebuilding Connecticut’s economy, the Treasurer can also be part of a long term economic development strategy by:

  • Investing more state dollars in Connecticut;
  • Using the private sector connections and the voice that comes with the office to be an advocate for Connecticut businesses and to serve as a bridge between the business community and state government;
  • Taking a more active role in creating and implementing the state’s long-term economic development plan.

Arunan believes that Connecticut has great potential for economic growth if we invest in our people and our businesses and he has a vision and a plan to make that happen.